Minnie coming home!

Minnie has been at her grandparents for over a week.  She gets home in, hopefully, a few minutes.  It has been quieter without her and has been relatively calm.  She has so much energy — but thinking about her coming home and anticipating her arrival, I’ve been counting down the minutes. 

I ran 5 miles this morning with my friend Ellie and Hans rode about 15 miles with a friend from church.  We will be just barely prepared to not die when we do our parts of the Spudman in two weeks.  I was supposed to do the entire triathlon but I haven’t put the time into the training so I’ll just be doing the running part.  

Please Min Min, where are you — get home!  I’m going to go wait by the door…


Hooray for summer!

Update from last post — KayKay has adapted very well to having Hans at home.  He is now her favorite person.  I need to get on tape the way she gasps with delight when he walks into the room.  It’s a mix between a laugh and a declaration of surprise.  A baby Hooray.


So we are going camping this evening.  At the beginning of the summer Hans and I decided we were going to try to do as many summery and fun things as possible.  So far we’ve been doing pretty well — Memorial Day weekend we went to Burley and my parents’ house and went swimming in Almo and drove around rural Cassia County.  The next weekend we went swimming at Lucky Peak.  Last Sunday afternoon we drove up to Idaho City and played around some old mining stuff and looked in the windows of some of the historic buildings.  I’ll start a list of summer places on the side of the blog.

Unto the least of these…

Has anyone else seen an episode of Turning Point? It is a show on BYUTV — like my last post said, we got cable, so I had been unaware of this show.  Hans and I watched this episode tonight.  Wow!

This is the kind of stuff that inspires me.  It is super compelling, nicely shot (“televisual” as Mark Kermodes would say) and utterly awe-inspiring.  These are the people that King Benjamin wants us to be.  I can’t wait to watch the other episodes and be inspired.


So I stayed up too late again — I wanted to make some freezer meals this weekend so that Hans wouldn’t have to worry about preparing dinner every night this week.  Having been in his shoes, I know that the hours between 4pm and 6pm tend to be the worst ones of every day.  Every one is hungry, getting tired, defenses are low…. I wanted to help a brother out.  Honestly right now my job is not nearly as demanding as tending small children all day.  I’m sure in the coming weeks when I receive more responsibilities my work life will get more intense, but right now, I can help out.

Karen seems to be taking the transition from Mom being home to Dad being home the hardest.  Of course, we knew this would probably be the case.  She growls and fusses a lot in the daytime and after I put her to bed she wakes up often and wants to be nursed back to sleep.  I don’t mind, now, because I’m not completely sleep deprived yet and I feel for her.  Her little world has been rocked and she needs some extra nurturing.

Yesterday we went to the BSU women’s basketball game.  They played Air Force and BSU won.  Hooray.  Also hooray, we made it through the whole game.  They were doing a family night promotion and our tickets came with a free hot dog and fountain pop which contributed to our longevity.  At half time, or during one of the commercial breaks, a nine-year-old girl came on to the court and did a synchronized dribble routine to music.  She did great and she was so earnest.  Seeing her out there, dribbling away — Hans and I both got teary-eyed.  She was a great antidote to the dance team.  After the game the women’s team met with the fans and you could shoot hoops with them and get their autographs.  One of the coaches gave Minnie a ball and had her shoot a couple of shots; Min was able to launch the ball up to the backboard and she was very proud.  She ran around and got as many autographs as she could.  Eddie followed her around, looked at the girls with stars in his eyes and acted dumbstruck.

So here are a few pictures because I am a mother with small children and I have a blog.

getting autographs signed

Minnie and Eddie meeting a Lady Bronco

Watching the game.

Watching the game -- go Lady Broncos.

Rekindling my love affair with cable

When we moved to Idaho we decided to buy cable. We installed Dish Network and we have a DVR. I love it, but I’ve always loved television. At one time I was proud of my “average” status of watching six hours a day. That has been several years ago, now I probably watch 10 hours a week. Oh TV, how I love you.

New beginnings…

I am kind of sad that I only have three posts written in my 16th Street house. My new (rental) house is on Bergeson Street.  No consensus yet on if it is pronounced “Berjsheson” or “Berg A Son.”

We have moved to Boise, Idaho and I’ve already had one week on the job.  A few observations: 1. Not very many of my fellow librarians at BSU are from Idaho — I’m not sure if any of them are.  That makes sense considering there isn’t a library school in Idaho, but I thought maybe I’d meet a few “returning to the homeland-er’s” but I haven’t yet.  2. Not very many of my co-workers have small children.  I feel a bit odd when I say I have an infant.

Hans has been in Indiana this past week, tying up loose ends at work and at the house.  He took the time to have lunches, dinners, and night-out’s with old colleagues and friends.  I envy the time he had to do all that, as I felt I left in a rush and without saying all of my goodbyes.  I just ran out of time.  I would have liked to go to my old library haunts and say Tschuess to all my old co-workers.  So it goes… that’s what Facebook is for right?

My sweetest of siblings have helped me out this past week while Hans was gone.  My little brother, from now on called, Uncle Ed, came up from Provo Sunday night and stayed till Thursday morning and my little sister Hetty came up Reno with her husband, Jeff, on Wednesday night and left very early this morning.  It was so kind of them to come watch my children while I worked.  They made me dinner, they cleaned my house and washed laundry, and they kept me company.  I have the best of siblings and I love them dearly.  I am particularly attached to my younger three siblings, Hetty, Wayne, and Ed, as I was their boss and constantly told them what to do when we were younger.  My oldest brother, Doug, came and helped us move into our house two weeks ago, so I have been much-o helped by my family and I am super grateful.

Speaking of family, while driving here from Indiana we stopped in Lawrence, Kansas to see Hans’ sister and her two girls.  Then we hit Orem, Utah and saw Hans’ parents, sisters and their families.  I loved being with them all and my kids got a taste of what it will be like now that we live closer to our families.  My Eddie calls Uncle Ed his “bruddah” and Minnie was very happy to learn from Uncle Doug that his son, Luke, also has a phobia of seeing and hearing people vomit.  Hooray for family!

Time for bed, or rather, time for telling Minnie and KayKay to go back to sleep and for me to go watch television.

Boise River with Downtown Boise

View from the 4th floor of the Albertsons Library on BSU campus. Not too shabby!

Too late! What am I doing awake?

It is too late, too too late. My baby is crying in her crib and I’m trying to decide if I should go to her or not. Some of you are saying, “rush to her you idiot!” But she’s in that stage where she doesn’t need to feed in the middle of the night but she is now howling and I know that they only way to get her to settle is either nurse her back to sleep or let her howl a little bit more till she falls back asleep.

I should have been asleep 4 hours ago.

My mind is overwhelmed with all the changes that are about to happen to my family. See, that phone interview I didn’t think went very well turned into an in-person interview turned into an accepted job offer. Now we are moving across the country and my children will become Hoosier Gems.

Okay, I went to the sad baby and rocked her back to sleep. I won’t be able to spend as much time with her when I start working full-time and that tugs at me old hearts strings. I love the baby stage that 0-2 year old span. …

So tired, will now initiate sleep sequence.

A few of my favorite blogs…

This will be a bit of a link fest but I wanted to link to my current favorite blogs.  I will also link to them in my blogroll on the side bar.

  • By Common Consent: It’s a Mormon blog — I like the writers, thought-provoking posts, and especially the comments.  Most of the time, comment sections are train wrecks but on this blog there is a lot of discussion and I love the back and forth.
  • Apt 11D: Written by a political science phd, stay at home mom — I love the mix of political, social, cultural, and educational posts.  There are also great exchanges in the comments.
  • A Little Pregnant: I started reading this blog when I was trying to understand and empathize with my siblings’ struggles with infertility.  I continue to read because of Julie’s excellent writing and sarcastic wit.
  • Ask Metafilter: It is the “green” site — the Metafilter site that people ask questions and users can respond.
  • Media Facing: This is my husband’s blog.  We both are complete media hounds — he knows more about current media trends but I’d like to think I have him beat in the cinema department.  Though, my movie fu is fading — I need to watch more movies!

A First for Everything.

I have started a blog.  Ha!  I did not think I would ever do it — for many reasons that I will go into on another post.  Why did I start now?  I had a phone job interview last week and I did not feel like I did my best.  I am an academic librarian by profession and social media and mobile technologies are becoming increasingly important to my field.  I love reading blogs but I rarely comment and obviously did not have my own.  I feel like I need to prove that I actually know about this web 2.0 business and I guess I do, a little.

Why is the blog named “16th Street?”  For one, I admire Laura at 11d and have been reading her blog for several years now.  I like the idea of naming my blog the name of where I currently live.  I know that I will not always live here (Laura has since moved from the 11d apartment), but this is where I live now and this is where I will start this writing.  Another reason, my siblings and I mark time by the places and streets we lived as children — the Brown House, the Laundromat, Q St., the Car-Lot or Overland Ave.  My life is 16th Street — and I will continue on from here.

Wish me luck!