Monthly Archives: October 2011

A First for Everything.

I have started a blog.  Ha!  I did not think I would ever do it — for many reasons that I will go into on another post.  Why did I start now?  I had a phone job interview last week and I did not feel like I did my best.  I am an academic librarian by profession and social media and mobile technologies are becoming increasingly important to my field.  I love reading blogs but I rarely comment and obviously did not have my own.  I feel like I need to prove that I actually know about this web 2.0 business and I guess I do, a little.

Why is the blog named “16th Street?”  For one, I admire Laura at 11d and have been reading her blog for several years now.  I like the idea of naming my blog the name of where I currently live.  I know that I will not always live here (Laura has since moved from the 11d apartment), but this is where I live now and this is where I will start this writing.  Another reason, my siblings and I mark time by the places and streets we lived as children — the Brown House, the Laundromat, Q St., the Car-Lot or Overland Ave.  My life is 16th Street — and I will continue on from here.

Wish me luck!