Too late! What am I doing awake?

It is too late, too too late. My baby is crying in her crib and I’m trying to decide if I should go to her or not. Some of you are saying, “rush to her you idiot!” But she’s in that stage where she doesn’t need to feed in the middle of the night but she is now howling and I know that they only way to get her to settle is either nurse her back to sleep or let her howl a little bit more till she falls back asleep.

I should have been asleep 4 hours ago.

My mind is overwhelmed with all the changes that are about to happen to my family. See, that phone interview I didn’t think went very well turned into an in-person interview turned into an accepted job offer. Now we are moving across the country and my children will become Hoosier Gems.

Okay, I went to the sad baby and rocked her back to sleep. I won’t be able to spend as much time with her when I start working full-time and that tugs at me old hearts strings. I love the baby stage that 0-2 year old span. …

So tired, will now initiate sleep sequence.

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