New beginnings…

I am kind of sad that I only have three posts written in my 16th Street house. My new (rental) house is on Bergeson Street.  No consensus yet on if it is pronounced “Berjsheson” or “Berg A Son.”

We have moved to Boise, Idaho and I’ve already had one week on the job.  A few observations: 1. Not very many of my fellow librarians at BSU are from Idaho — I’m not sure if any of them are.  That makes sense considering there isn’t a library school in Idaho, but I thought maybe I’d meet a few “returning to the homeland-er’s” but I haven’t yet.  2. Not very many of my co-workers have small children.  I feel a bit odd when I say I have an infant.

Hans has been in Indiana this past week, tying up loose ends at work and at the house.  He took the time to have lunches, dinners, and night-out’s with old colleagues and friends.  I envy the time he had to do all that, as I felt I left in a rush and without saying all of my goodbyes.  I just ran out of time.  I would have liked to go to my old library haunts and say Tschuess to all my old co-workers.  So it goes… that’s what Facebook is for right?

My sweetest of siblings have helped me out this past week while Hans was gone.  My little brother, from now on called, Uncle Ed, came up from Provo Sunday night and stayed till Thursday morning and my little sister Hetty came up Reno with her husband, Jeff, on Wednesday night and left very early this morning.  It was so kind of them to come watch my children while I worked.  They made me dinner, they cleaned my house and washed laundry, and they kept me company.  I have the best of siblings and I love them dearly.  I am particularly attached to my younger three siblings, Hetty, Wayne, and Ed, as I was their boss and constantly told them what to do when we were younger.  My oldest brother, Doug, came and helped us move into our house two weeks ago, so I have been much-o helped by my family and I am super grateful.

Speaking of family, while driving here from Indiana we stopped in Lawrence, Kansas to see Hans’ sister and her two girls.  Then we hit Orem, Utah and saw Hans’ parents, sisters and their families.  I loved being with them all and my kids got a taste of what it will be like now that we live closer to our families.  My Eddie calls Uncle Ed his “bruddah” and Minnie was very happy to learn from Uncle Doug that his son, Luke, also has a phobia of seeing and hearing people vomit.  Hooray for family!

Time for bed, or rather, time for telling Minnie and KayKay to go back to sleep and for me to go watch television.

Boise River with Downtown Boise

View from the 4th floor of the Albertsons Library on BSU campus. Not too shabby!

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