Unto the least of these…

Has anyone else seen an episode of Turning Point? It is a show on BYUTV — like my last post said, we got cable, so I had been unaware of this show.  Hans and I watched this episode tonight.  Wow!

This is the kind of stuff that inspires me.  It is super compelling, nicely shot (“televisual” as Mark Kermodes would say) and utterly awe-inspiring.  These are the people that King Benjamin wants us to be.  I can’t wait to watch the other episodes and be inspired.


So I stayed up too late again — I wanted to make some freezer meals this weekend so that Hans wouldn’t have to worry about preparing dinner every night this week.  Having been in his shoes, I know that the hours between 4pm and 6pm tend to be the worst ones of every day.  Every one is hungry, getting tired, defenses are low…. I wanted to help a brother out.  Honestly right now my job is not nearly as demanding as tending small children all day.  I’m sure in the coming weeks when I receive more responsibilities my work life will get more intense, but right now, I can help out.

Karen seems to be taking the transition from Mom being home to Dad being home the hardest.  Of course, we knew this would probably be the case.  She growls and fusses a lot in the daytime and after I put her to bed she wakes up often and wants to be nursed back to sleep.  I don’t mind, now, because I’m not completely sleep deprived yet and I feel for her.  Her little world has been rocked and she needs some extra nurturing.

Yesterday we went to the BSU women’s basketball game.  They played Air Force and BSU won.  Hooray.  Also hooray, we made it through the whole game.  They were doing a family night promotion and our tickets came with a free hot dog and fountain pop which contributed to our longevity.  At half time, or during one of the commercial breaks, a nine-year-old girl came on to the court and did a synchronized dribble routine to music.  She did great and she was so earnest.  Seeing her out there, dribbling away — Hans and I both got teary-eyed.  She was a great antidote to the dance team.  After the game the women’s team met with the fans and you could shoot hoops with them and get their autographs.  One of the coaches gave Minnie a ball and had her shoot a couple of shots; Min was able to launch the ball up to the backboard and she was very proud.  She ran around and got as many autographs as she could.  Eddie followed her around, looked at the girls with stars in his eyes and acted dumbstruck.

So here are a few pictures because I am a mother with small children and I have a blog.

getting autographs signed

Minnie and Eddie meeting a Lady Bronco

Watching the game.

Watching the game -- go Lady Broncos.

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