Monthly Archives: June 2012

Hooray for summer!

Update from last post — KayKay has adapted very well to having Hans at home.  He is now her favorite person.  I need to get on tape the way she gasps with delight when he walks into the room.  It’s a mix between a laugh and a declaration of surprise.  A baby Hooray.


So we are going camping this evening.  At the beginning of the summer Hans and I decided we were going to try to do as many summery and fun things as possible.  So far we’ve been doing pretty well — Memorial Day weekend we went to Burley and my parents’ house and went swimming in Almo and drove around rural Cassia County.  The next weekend we went swimming at Lucky Peak.  Last Sunday afternoon we drove up to Idaho City and played around some old mining stuff and looked in the windows of some of the historic buildings.  I’ll start a list of summer places on the side of the blog.