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A few of my favorite blogs…

This will be a bit of a link fest but I wanted to link to my current favorite blogs.  I will also link to them in my blogroll on the side bar.

  • By Common Consent: It’s a Mormon blog — I like the writers, thought-provoking posts, and especially the comments.  Most of the time, comment sections are train wrecks but on this blog there is a lot of discussion and I love the back and forth.
  • Apt 11D: Written by a political science phd, stay at home mom — I love the mix of political, social, cultural, and educational posts.  There are also great exchanges in the comments.
  • A Little Pregnant: I started reading this blog when I was trying to understand and empathize with my siblings’ struggles with infertility.  I continue to read because of Julie’s excellent writing and sarcastic wit.
  • Ask Metafilter: It is the “green” site — the Metafilter site that people ask questions and users can respond.
  • Media Facing: This is my husband’s blog.  We both are complete media hounds — he knows more about current media trends but I’d like to think I have him beat in the cinema department.  Though, my movie fu is fading — I need to watch more movies!